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taylor_elite's Journal

Got Soul? - A Taylor Hicks Community
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Got Soul?

If you're here, then you think Taylor Hicks is the new king of soul. He's all that and more. He's the man of our dreams because he can *really* sing (and dance, too!) and that gray hair of his is the stuff dreams are made of. Taylor is The Soul.

Got Soul? is an "elite" community in that, while membership and posting are open to all, we place restrictions on the quality of the posts.

Please read the rules first before joining and posting in this community. They can be found here.



  • Articles (always provide your sources)
  • Pictures
  • Graphics/fan art
  • Personal essays/analyses/articles/reviews
  • Download links to videos, live and indie tracks, interviews

  • Introductory posts
  • Questions
  • Requests
  • Recaps of dreams
  • Full, high quality tracks of his Arista tracks
  • Subpar graphics
  • Overly off-topic posts

By joining this community, we reserve the right to delete your posts if we feel they violate the rules.

Credits and resources

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asya_17, colorfilter, ownthesunshine

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Pictures & screen caps for mood theme:
hawaiianham, ladyheatherlly, brighterlater and American Idol Official Website

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This set of mood themes is created exclusively for taylor_elite.
Members of this community may ask for permission to use the mood theme by asking for permission.
Use of the community's mood theme by non-members elsewhere in Livejournal or in the Internet without permission is forbidden.